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Building and destroying bridges Edit

Normally  bridges  can  only  be  built  from bridge-heads. (See Info: Sector-types). If the EASY_BRIDGES option is in use, bridges can be built  from  any sector  that  has enough hcm (heavy construction materials) and workforce (see Info: show and the "show" command), providing you have enough money, and your technology level is high enough.

Bridges can only be built over water sectors.

If the EASY_BRIDGES option is in use, you do not need to use bridgehead sectors (although the sector you build from must still  be  at  least  60% efficient), and the sector the bridge span is to be built in must be adjacent to at least 1 non-sea, non-bridge span sector. Note that you do not have to OWN the sector is will be adjacent to, it just has to exist. This means that you can build, for example, a 2 sector bridge out to an unowned island.

To find out the required amounts of materials, workforce, and  money  use  the show command.

Bridge  spans cannot be re-designated.  A bridge span will collapse when it is below 20% in efficiency, so shelling will destroy one, as will nuclear weapons and bombing.

If  the  EASY_BRIDGES option is NOT in use, a bridge will also collapse if its bridge-head sector goes below 20% or is re-designated.


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