Topics pertaining to Combat in Wolfpack Empire.

Attacking ! Details for attack, assault, paradrop, board and lboard
Damage How much damage stuff does
Fallout The long lasting effects of nuclear war
Flak * How flak works
Hitchance The chance of a projectile hitting its target
assault * Attack coastal sector from ship
attack * Sector vs. sector combat
board * Board enemy ship
bomb * Dispose of inconvenient enemy assets with air power.
fire * Fire artillery from sector/ship/unit on sector/ship
lboard * Board enemy land unit
paradrop Attack a sector from the air
pboard * Board enemy plane
spy * Snoop on adjacent enemy sectors
strength Report defensive strengths of sectors
torpedo Slip a torpedo to some poor sucker (from a sub or ship)

 Topics marked by * are the most important and should be read by new players.  Topics with unusually long info are marked with a !.

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