Topics pertaining to Communcation in Wolfpack Empire.

Clients * Clients which communicate well with the Empire4 Server
accept Find out who's accepting what communications from whom
announce * Send an announcement to all players
country Find out country status
echo Echo a string back to the client
flash Send a message directly to a friend's terminal
headlines Summarize the weeks events (part of "news")
motd Print the message of the day
newspaper * The yellow press
players List players currently connected to the game
power * Display arbitrarily measured strengths of countries
pray * Interacting with the Deity
read * Read your telegrams
reject Stop/start listening to other countries
sharebmap Share parts of your bmap with another country
telegram * Send "diplomatic" communique to another country
toggle Toggle client flags
wall Send a message directly to all allies terminals
wire * Read announcements
xdump Extended dump of everything under the sun

Topics marked by * are the most important and should be read by new players.

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