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The cost to maintain ships, planes, and land units.

During each update, nations must pay to maintain their units, ships and planes. The cost to maintain a ship, or land-unit is:

.001 * cost of thing * ETUs/update

The cost to maintain a plane is:

.001 * cost of thing * ETUs/update + 5 * mil_cost * crew

Note that this cost can be changed by the deity.

Also note that if you have purchased high-tech items, and your tech is not at least 85% of the item's tech, you are charged double to maintain the item.

Also note that engineering land units costs 3 times what normal units cost, after the tech is figured in.

If you can not afford to pay maintenance costs then your unit will lose ETU/5 points of efficiency. It won't go below its minimum efficiency, though. Thus, if you were playing in a 60 ETU game, and you did not pay your maintenance costs for a 40% frigate, then the frigate would drop to 28% efficiency at the first update, and to 20% at the second update.


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