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Description of different kinds of nuclear weapons

There are two different types of nuclear devices in Empire: fission bombs, fusion bombs. Both fission and fusion bombs perform similarly, with fusion bombs giving "more bang for the buck".

In general, the only way to avoid damage by a nuclear detonation is to avoid the area prior to and during actual detonation.  "Hardening" missiles (in silos) is the only exception, and even that cannot protect from a direct hit by the larger nuclear devices.

The details of the nuclear devices present in Empire can be seen using the show command. The meaning of the fields are as follows:

  • name  The nukes name.
  • lcm  The amount of lcm needed to build the nuke
  • hcm  The amount of hcm needed to build the nuke
  • oil  The amount of crude oil required to build it.
  • rad  The number of radioactive products required to build it.
  • avail  The avail (work) required to build the nuke.
  • tech  The minimum tech level required to construct the nuke.
  • res  The minimum research level required to construct the nuke.
  • $  The cost of the nuke to construct.
  • blst  The blast type of the nuke
  • dam  The damage rating of the nuke
  • lbs  the  weight  of  the  warhead,  limiting  missile and plane nuclear
  • device carrying capacity.
  • abilities Special abilties, if any

The abilities are as follows:

  • neutron  Creates much more severe nuclear fallout.

As a guide (these numbers are subject to change):

[##:##] Command : show nuke build
Printing for tech level '300'
              lcm hcm  oil  rad avail tech res $
10kt  fission  50  50   25   70    49  280   0 $ 10000
15kt  fission  50  50   25   80    51  290   0 $ 15000
50kt  fission  60  60   30   90    60  300   0 $ 25000
[##:##] Command : show nuke capab
Printing for tech level '300'
              blst dam lbs tech res $        abilities
10kt  fission    3  70   4  280   0 $  10000
15kt  fission    3  90   5  290   0 $  15000
50kt  fission    3 100   6  300   0 $  25000

The larger the megatonnage, the more damage done by the weapon.  Effects (as in the real world) can only be determined by experimentation, although research suggests that radioactivity left behind by nuclear detonations may have lasting effects.


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