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 Server options

  •  ALL_BLEED You get tech bleed from all countries, not just allies.
  •  AUTO_POWER Power report is only updated automatically, at the update.
  •  BLITZ Players get infinite BTU's.
  •  BRIDGETOWERS You can build bridge towers, which allow you to build bridges from them.
  •  EASY_BRIDGES Bridges can be built from any sector.
  •  FALLOUT Sectors are damaged by radiation for a few updates after blast.
  •  GODNEWS The world is told via news when deities are giving or taking things from players.
  •  GO_RENEW Gold and Oil are renewable resources.
  •  GUINEA_PIGS Experimental stuff not ready for prime time. Enable at your own risk!
  •  HIDDEN Hides information about countries you haven't contacted.
  • INTERDICT_ATT Interdict units & mil as they move in after an attack.
  •  LOANS Allows S&L type interaction between countries.
  •  LOSE_CONTACT In HIDDEN, lose contact after a few updates.
  •  MARKET Enable time-delay market and trade.
  •  MOB_ACCESS Allows real-time updating of mobility.
  •  NOFOOD No food is required.
  •  NOMOBCOST Firing a ship's guns costs no mobility.
  •  NO_FORT_FIRE Forts cannot fire.
  •  NO_PLAGUE Plague is disabled.
  •  RAILWAYS Highways double as rail.
  •  RES_POP Research affects max sector population.
  •  SUPER_BARS Gold bars aren't destroyed by shelling or bombing.
  •  TECH_POP Technology costs more to make as your civilian population grows past 50,000 civilians.


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