Topics pertinent to Planes in Wolfpack Empire

Flak * How flak works
Interception How plane interception works
Maintenance The cost to maintain ships, planes, and land units.
Mobility How much mobility stuff costs
Nuke-types Description of different kinds of nuclear weapons
Plane-types *! Description of different kinds of planes
arm Load nuclear weapons onto planes or missiles
bomb * Dispose of inconvenient enemy assets with air power.
build * Build ships, planes, land units, nuclear weapons or bridges
disarm Remove a nuclear warhead from a plane or missile
drop Use planes to drop commodities in your own sectors
fly * Fly planes from sector/ship to sector/ship and bomb or snoop
harden Place missiles into protective silos
launch Launch missiles or satellites
lost * Report lost items
mission * Assign a mission to a ship/plane/unit
ndump Dump raw nuke information
nuke Report status of nukes
paradrop Attack a sector from the air
pbmap * Big map of all your worldly knowledge around a plane
pboard * Board enemy plane
pdump Dump raw plane information
plane * Report status of planes
pmap * Get a map around a plane
pstat * Report statistics of plane, wing or planes in a give area
range Edit the range of a plane
recon Use planes to take a look around
satellite Download data from a reconnaissance satellite
scrap * Scrap a ship, plane, or land unit
scuttle * Destroy a ship, plane, or unit
show * Characteristics of sectors, units, updates and more
start Resume production and repairs
stop Stop production and repairs
sweep Use planes to remove mines from sea sectors
transport * Move planes or nuclear devices around
upgrade Update the tech of a ship/unit/plane to the current tech level
wingadd Designate members of a "wing"
xdump Extended dump of everything under the sun
Empire4 ! Changes from the Empire3 server to the Empire4 Server

 Topics marked by * are the most important and should be read by new players. Topics with unusually long info are marked with a !.

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