Topics pertinent to Updates in Wolfpack Empire

Education How Education is calculated at the update
Food How much people eat at the update
Guerrilla Guerrilla warfare
Happiness How happiness is calculated at the update
Maintenance The cost to maintain ships, planes, and land units.
Plague The Plague
Products * Formulas for the production of commodities
Research How Research level is calculated each update
Taxes How taxes are calculated
Technology How technology level is calculated each update
Update-sequence The order of events at the update
budget * Look at a national balance sheet
neweff Find out what the efficiency of a sector will be after the next update
production * Predicts production of sectors at the next update
show * Characteristics of sectors, units, updates and more
start Resume production and repairs
starvation * Find out who's going to starve
stop Stop production and repairs
update + Find out when the next update will be
zdone Indicate willingness to have an update

 Topics marked by * are the most important and should be read by new players. Topics marked by + are obsolete.

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