bdes - Manually change your bmap




[##:##] Command : bdes <SECT> <des>

A  bmap  gives  you  a  graphic representation of all or part of your country. Bdes allows you to change a sector of your bmap.

Bmap differs from map in that it reflects everything you've learned about  the world.  If, for example, you navigate near a sector and find out that it is as sea, it will show up on your bmap as sea, even if it doesn't show up  on  your map.

When  you  get  new  information, it will overwrite the designation you put in with bdes, UNLESS you put in an 'x' or an 'X'. These two characters,  'x'  and 'X'  are permanent, unless you manually change them with bdes. Once you change them back, the sector will be updated normally by nav, march, etc.  (The  normal  use  for these is to record minefields, so that you can march adjacent to the minefield without eliminating the information)

You may use any character with bdes, not just sector  designations.   However, certain  characters  need  to  be surrounded with double quotes on the command line, like this:

[##:##] Command : bdes # " "
[##:##] Command : bdes 47,11 "?"

Conditionals do not work with bdes (i.e. bdes # ?des=c C) unless you  own  the sector.

Note  that  the  bdes  command  only  changes your 'working' bmap and not your 'true' bmap.  If you make a mistake and bdes a  bunch  of  sectors  where  you didn't want them to be, you can always start over by typing

[##:##] Command : bmap revert

which will revert your 'working' bmap back to your 'true' bmap.


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