collect - Foreclose an overdue loan




[##:##] Command : collect <LOAN>

The collect command is the loan-shark's delight! Through the collect command overdue loans can be "cleared up".

If you should find that you have a problem debtor who refuses to pay up on your kind loan you can always seize one or more of his/her sectors. Perhaps the mere threat of a collection on someone's capital may do the trick!

To settle up accounts on overdue loan #9 you would type:

[##:##] Command : collect 9

The program would then ask which sector you would like to claim as just and rightful compensation for the outstanding debt.

What sector do you wish to confiscate?

To which you reply with the coordinates of a sector owned by your debtor to which you are adjacent. Any adjacent sector includes any sector you have that borders the sector you wish to confiscate.

The program then paws over the sector and assesses its value:

That sector (and its contents) is valued at $2345.00

If the amount you are owed exceeds this amount the sector becomes yours! If the value of the sector is close enough to the amount you are owed the debt is considered to be repaid.

Any che in the area are left alone. Thus, if the original owner takes the sector back over, the che would continue their battle against the original owner, not the new owner.

In addition, ships, land units, planes and nuclear stockpiles are not collected. Those remain the property of the owner of the sector.

Standing military in the sector are reduced to 1 and he becomes the latest and greatest addition to your standing army.

Mobility of the collected sector remains unchanged.


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