consider - Accept, decline or postpone consideration of a loan




consider loan <loan #> accept|decline|postpone

This command allows you to consider accepting a loan offered by another country.

The program will list the various terms of the loan under consideration and ask for your decision as to whether to accept the terms, decline them, or postpone making a decision.

If you accept a loan, the money is immediately credited to your account and the time period of the loan starts. If at the time of your acceptance, the lender does not have sufficient funds the size of the loan will be diminished to fit the lender's cash on hand.

Loan offers are withdrawn if not accepted within a number of days equal to the proposed loan's duration.

Warning: When the terms of a loan are printed out, take note of the due date; if you do not pay by the due date the interest will double and you will be subject to "collection", (see Info: collect).


collect, ledger, offer, Loans

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