lmine - Mine a sector with an engineering unit




[##:##] Command : lmine <UNIT> <NUMBER>

This command causes a unit with the engineering ability to lay mines in a sector. (see Info: Unit-types). If you ask to lay more mines than the unit is carrying, then it will attempt to draw shells from a supply source (see Info: supply for details on that). It costs 1 mobility point per mine laid, so an engineer with 20 mobility can lay a maximum of 20 mines. The 'strength' command will list how many mines you have put in each sector.

See Info: Hitchance for the chance of something hitting a land mine.

If a defender in land combat has land-mines in the sector, he receives a bonus to his defense. See Info: attack for more information. If the attacker has engineering units with him, the bonus is less.

In the command syntax <UNIT> is the number of one of your units and <NUMBER> is the number of mines you wish to lay. That number of shells, (assuming you've got them), will be dropped in the sector that unit occupies, magically becoming mines.

You need not fear mines in sectors that you are the old owner of. This is normally all your sectors. When you capture a mined sector, however, you will need to worry about those mines until you become the old owner of that sector. Once you are the old owner of a sector (i.e when you get the message "Sector x,y is now fully yours."), you have the mines located, and will no longer hit them.

If you are in a captured sector, and the original owner attacks, you will not get the mine bonus (as he knows where all the mines are).

Mines can only be removed safely by a unit with the engineering ability. (Other units can remove them by hitting them, but...) Engineering units moving through a sector with unlocated mines will attempt to remove them. The number of times each engineer sweeps for mines is equal to 2 times the number of mines it can carry. The chance of the engineer finding a mine on each sweep is equal to 50% times its 'att' value (see show land stats). If an engineer sweeps more mines than it can carry, then it will drop the rest as shells into the sector.


strength, supply, Hitchance, Damage, Attacking, LandUnits