lretreat - Set retreat conditions/paths for units or armies




lretreat <UNIT/ARMY> q

The lretreat command allows you to examine or modify the retreat orders of your land units.

The first argument selects land units to view or give orders for. If an army designation is given when specifying orders, the orders apply to all members of that army.

Retreat orders consist of a retreat path and conditions.

A retreat path 'h' orders the ships not to retreat.

With 'q' instead of a retreat path, the current retreat paths and conditions will be listed. The report format contains the following fields:

  • lnd# the unit number
  • unit type the type of land unit; "cavalry", "engineer", etc.,
  • x,y the land unit's current location,
  • a the army designation letter (set by "army" command),
  • path the current retreat path,
  • as army? whether these are army retreat orders,
  • flags what conditions will trigger retreat.

For example:

[##:##] Command : lretreat * q
 lnd#     unit type       x,y   ar path       as army? flags
  0 cav  cavalry        2,0      jjuuj               I
1 unit

A player may give retreat orders for a land unit or an army. Retreat orders include a set of conditions that determine when the army/unit will retreat, and a path that the army/unit will follow. When a condition is met for a particular land unit, the "as army?" field is checked. If it is Yes, then every unit in that army with army retreat orders retreats along the specified path. If it is no, then the retreat orders apply to that unit only, and only that unit retreats.

When a land unit is added to an army, it is given the retreat orders of the first unit in that army that has army retreat orders and is in the same sector, if any exist.

Retreat orders are wiped when a land unit marches.

Retreat conditions are:

  • i Retreat when the unit is injured, i.e. whenever the unit is damaged by gun fire or bombs.
  • b Retreat when a plane bombs or tries to bomb the unit.
  • h Retreat when helpless - a unit is helpless when it is fired upon, and no friendly units/sectors (including the unit itself) are able to fire back at the aggressor.

For example, if the cavalry above was fired at, it would attempt to retreat 2 sectors, jj, using the normal amount of mobility for moving 2 sectors. It would then look like:

lnd#     unit type       x,y   ar path       as army? flags
   0 cav  cavalry        2,0      uuj                 I
1 unit


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