payoff - Find out the current payoff of a trade ship




payoff [<SHIP/FLEET> | <SECTS>]

The payoff command gives a census of your trade ships, and lists the payoff they would give if scuttled at the current sector. Payoff can only be calculated for trade ships you built yourself, not for ships you `acquired' from somebody else.

The <SHIP/FLEET> and <SECTS> arguments are provided in case you only wish to look at one ship or one fleet or all ships within a given area.

Payoff expects an argument. To see every trade ship you own, give it the argument '*', or type "ship *".

The report format contains the following fields:

  • shp# the ship number
  • ship type the type of ship; "patrol boat", "submarine", etc,
  • x,y the ship's current location (relative to your capital),
  • $$ the money you would get if you scuttled this ship

For example:

[##:##] Command : payoff *
shp#     ship type  orig x,y       x,y    dist $$
  5 ts2 trade ship 2    2,2      21,-13    17 $5050.00
1 ship


Trade-ships, sonar, torpedo, upgrade, Ships

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