plane - Report status of planes




plane <PLANES>

The plane report command is a census of your planes and lists.  For example:

[##:##] Command : plane *
#    type                x,y    w   eff  mu def tech ran hard carry special
0 f2  P-51 Mustang       1,-1      100%  90   5  110  11    0
1 f2  P-51 Mustang       1,-1      100%  90   5  110  11    0
3 lb  TBD-1 Devastato    1,-1      100%  90   4  120  11    0
3 planes

The report format contains the following fields:

  • #  the plane number
  • type  the type of plane; "fighter 1", "jet hvy bomber", etc.,
  • x,y  the plane's current location,
  • w  the "air wing" designation letter (set by "wingadd" command),
  • eff  the plane's efficiency, prefixed by "!" if stopped,
  • mu  the number of mobility points the plane has,
  • def  the defense value of the plane (for air-to-air combat)
  • tech  the tech level at which it was created,
  • range  and the range (in sectors) it can fly in one sortie,
  • carry  the ship or land unit the carrying the plane, if any,
  • special  shows  "orbit"  or  "geosync"  for  satellites  in (geo-synchronous) orbit, else nuclear armament  type  and  programming  ("A"  for  airburst, "G" for ground burst; see Info: arm).


pstat, upgrade, arm, bomb, build, drop, fly, launch, paradrop, recon, satellite, scrap, wingadd, Planes

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