sharebmap - Share parts of your bmap with another country




[##:##] Command : sharebmap <CNUM/CNAME> <SECTS> [<des>]

This command will share all of the information on your bmap with the country <CNUM/CNAME>. In order for it to work, they must be friendly towards you and your bmaps must already overlap to some extent. Note that your 'working' bmaps are not compared for this, but rather your 'true' bmaps. In particular, you can not fool the game into thinking that your bmaps overlap through using the 'bdes' command. See the bottom of Info: bmap for an explanation of the difference between your 'working' and your 'true' bmap.

When sectors owned by you get transferred to your friend's bmap, they will be replaced with the first letter of your country name (capitalized), the only exception being harbors and bridges which will always be transmitted. Also, if you want to send them the location of owned sectors having a certain designation you can specify that using the optional <des> argument. For example if your country name was "TheScum" and you typed:

[##:##] Command : sharebmap Fodderland #1 j

then all of your bmap would be added to Fodderland's bmap, with sectors owned by you replaced with 'T', except for your '=', 'h', and 'j' sectors which would be sent as is.

Note that the destination bmap will only be changed if in that location there was a '?', a '.', a ' ', or the first letter of your country name (capitalized). Thus, the receiving country will not lose any information in this exchange.

Note that the sharebmap command only changes your 'working' bmap and so you can delete sharebmap information from your bmap by typing:

[##:##] Command : bmap <SECTS> revert

See Info: bmap for more details.


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