ship - Report status of ships




ship <SHIPS>

The ship report command is a census of your ships. For example:

[##:##] Command : ship *
shp#     ship type       x,y   fl   eff civ mil  uw  fd pn he xl ln mob tech
   0 dd  destroyer       1,1       100%   0   0   0   0  0  0  0  0 127  140
   1 bb  battleship      1,1       100%   0   0   0   0  0  0  0  0 120  200
2 ships

The report format contains the following fields:

  • shp# the ship number
  • ship type the type of ship; "patrol boat", "submarine", etc.,
  • x,y the ship's current location,
  • flt the fleet designation letter (set by "fleetadd" command),
  • eff the ship's efficiency, prefixed by "=" if stopped,
  • civ the number of civilians on board,
  • mil mil is the number of military on board,
  • uw the number of uncompensated workers on board,
  • fd the amount of food on board,
  • pn the number of planes on the ship,
  • he the number of helicopters on board,
  • xl the number of extra-light planes on board,
  • ln the number of land units on board,
  • mob the mobility of the ship,
  • tech the tech level of the ship.


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