spy - Snoop on adjacent enemy sectors




[##:##] Command : spy <SECTS>

The spy command allows reconnaissance operations to enforce an oral treaty or as preparation for an attack (or even for a prayer to the Deity).

The spy report will reveal, (in round figures), the numbers of troops, civilians, guns, shells, iron, and planes and the sector designation and efficiency in neighboring sectors.

The sectors denoted by <SECTS> are those from which you are spying, (see Info: Syntax for format). Note: you can only spy from sectors that have military or land units in them.

Note that the number of BTU's consumed is dependent upon the number of sectors into which you spy, e.g., a 5x8 area costs one full BTU.

If you are spying on an unallied country your spy could be apprehended... his/her chances are dependent upon the number of patrolling military in the sector.

However, having a recon unit in the sector the spy is coming from enhances your chances of succeeding even if the spy is caught.

If the other country has declared itself at war with you the spy will be shot and the other country, (and the rest of the world, through the news), will be warned that you tried to spy on him...

If the other country is neutral towards you the spy will be deported.

[##:##] Command : spy 29,3
SPY report
Thu Aug  8 10:48:18 1996
          old sct rd  rl  def
sect   de own own eff eff eff eff  civ  mil  shl gun  pet food bars lnd pln
28,4  bf    2   2 100  90   0  50  100   30   90 100    0   40    0   0   0
29,5  e     2   2   0   0   0   0    0    0    0   0    0    0    0   0   0
Neutral unit in 29,5:  cavalry #6 (efficiency 98, tech 18)
Neutral unit in 29,5:  if1  infantry 1 #7 (efficiency 98, tech 15)

Spies will also report all non-owned planes and land units that exist in the sector you are spying from, such as allied land units that have been marched there, allied planes that have been landed there, spy units that have marched there and non-allied units that have been trapped there.

Note that spy units are not always seen. There is a 10-100% chance of a spy unit being seen by the spy command. See Info: Spies for more information.

NOTE: Spies reporting on the tech level of enemy units are pretty inaccurate. They can vary by +/- 20 tech or so...


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