threshold - Set commodity distribution thresholds




threshold <ITEM> <SECTS> <THRESH>

The threshold command is used to specify the level of a given commodity which is to be maintained by the sector's distribution sector. These levels are maintained by either importing or exporting commodities. This importation and exportation is done automatically during an update. It uses much less mobility than manual moves. See Info: Mobility for details.

In the syntax, <SECTS> is the sector or sectors from which the deliveries are made, <ITEM> is one of the following:

  • c civilians
  • m military
  • u uncompensated workers
  • f food
  • s shells
  • g guns
  • p planes
  • i iron ore
  • d gold dust
  • b bars of gold
  • o oil
  • l light construction materials
  • h heavy construction materials
  • r radioactive materials

and <THRESH> is a number specifying the level of commodity which is desired.

The census and commodity reports will indicate distribution thresholds by the "hundreds digit" of the threshold level. In order to have a threshold take effect, it must be at least one.

Sectors importing or exporting items can be seen by the "route" command (marked with a "$") or by the sect command.

Also, note that no distribution center will ship out its last civilian.


distribute, census, commodity, route, level, Distribution

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