transport - Move planes or nuclear devices around




[##:##] Command : transport plane <PLANES> <ROUTE|DESTINATION>
[##:##] Command : transport nuke <NUKES> <ROUTE|DESTINATION>

The transport command is used to move planes and nuclear devices from one sector to another, along the ground.

<ROUTE> is a normal empire path specification. You may also give a <DESTINATION> sector on the command line, or at any time while giving the route, and empire will use the cheapest path (in terms of mobility) from the current sector to the destination sector.

You would move nuke #666 to 8,0 as follows:

[##:##] Command : transport nuke 666 8,0

You could move all planes in wing d to -6,0 as follows:

[##:##] Command : transport plane d -6,0

The "map" command will give you a map surrounding the current position. You can also supply additional parameters:

[##:##] Command : <32.3: g 6,2> m 3 ls

is equivalent to a "pmap" command when transporting planes, like this:

[##:##] Command : pmap 3 ls

or it is equivalent to a "nmap" command when transporting nukes.

Note that while transporting, you may run into any landmines the enemy has left in your sectors. In that case, the planes being transported will take damage. See Info: lmine for details.

Also, if your enemy has any units on interdiction mission, then the planes you're transporting may get hit by them.

Nuclear warheads are transported in heavily armored vehicles and are immune to land mines and interdiction.

See Info: Mobility for the mobility cost to transport planes and nukes.


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