zdone - Indicate willingness to have an update




zdone [yes|no|check]

The zdone command allows you to say when you are done and ready for an update.

  • yes says that you are ready for an update.
  • no clears any previous "yes" that you did.
  • check checks to see what your zdone state is.

The command will also show you how many countries want an update. The number of ready countries required for a demand update to happen is configurable, and may be seen in the "show updates" command.

There are three possible update policies which could be set in this game:

  1. No demand updates. If so, then this command is useless.
  2. Demand updates occur right after the last required country sets zdone.
  3. Demand updates occur according to the update schedule. If enough countries have set zdone by the scheduled time, then an update will occur. The update schedule may be seen in the "show updates" command.

Your zdone state is cleared when an update occurs.

The "show updates" command shows update policy and schedule.

For deities, the command takes an additional parameter: the country to impersonate.


show, Updates

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