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Welcome to the Wolfpack Empire Wikia[edit | edit source]

Empire is a free, real-time/turn-based, multiplayer, Internet-based strategy board game, featuring military, diplomatic, and economic goals.

Typical games last several weeks or months, although players can also join casual, faster-paced "blitzes" to hone their skills or duke it out with other casual players.

A typical "turn" lasts from anywhere between 10 minutes (in casual blitzes) to 1-2 days (in longer games).

A typical "game" lasts anywhere between 1-7 days (in casual blitzes) to a few months (in longer games).

Between turns, the game is played in real time. Players log in an manage their country affairs - everything from country management, economy development, armed forces building and attacking/defending - when it's convenient for them.

The game offers a good balance of long-game strategy and rich tactics, diplomacy and geo-politics, and both economic and military logistics.

Here's a map from the end of a longer game, where each country is represented by a different color. (Light blue is ocean/sea.)

Ice World 3!

Some Quick and Useful Links[edit | edit source]

Want to know more about Wolfpack Empire?

  • Try the official Wolfpack Empire website for FAQ, current games and blitz games, free client software and more.
  • Introduce yourself to the Wolfpack Empire community of players, deities and developers at rec.games.empire.
  • Check out these essential hyperlinks - FAQ, client software, player guides and more.
  • Are you a game coder/developer? Wolfpack Empire is open source! Get the source code/binary compiles from SourceForge.
  • Are you a game 'deity' (ie. do you want to host your own private server)? Wolfpack Empire binary compiles are distributed for free (some assembly required) at SourceForge.
  • Another cool Empire site is at EmpireDirectory - software, games, and Empire support and runs a long-term game.

The Player's Manual[edit | edit source]

Ready to Play?[edit | edit source]

Ready to cut your teeth in the free on one of the recurring, non-competition Wolfpack Empire Blitz games. First, you will need to download one of the free clients

Once your client application is up and running, you will need to specify the connection details to reach your blitz server.

Ready to Play a Real Game?[edit | edit source]

Longer, harder competition games are announced on rec.games.empire. These games are typically longer in duration (~ 3 months) and tend to attract better-skilled players. They are much more competitive and many players gets wiped off the map.

They are often offered in the same theme as the blitz and short-term games, with a strong technology race, a wide variety of fighting units (from biplanes to MIRV nukes) and the iron/oil/gold economy system. Sometimes alternate theme games are offered in a familiar canon. Past theme games have included, for example, "The Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars", "South Pacific 1945" among others.

Competitive long-term games are announced on rec.games.empire.

If you want to play remotely you can try this to get into a long-term game: "ssh empire@empiredirectory.net" and use the password "empire".

Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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